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Plywood Bonnet Support   Radiator Shell   Grill Bar Pack    JBA Badge


Plywood Bonnet Support  

I used a piece of 3/4" plywood and placed it against the inside of the radiator shell and  drew the outline of the radiator shell on it then drew a copy of this line 3mm less and cut the plywood to this line. Make sure the plywood does not blank off too much of the radiator. You can also use MDF board, but this must be properly sealed, like the fibreglass idea below.

I then varnished the wood.  Mike had a better idea and fibregassed the wood and painted it maroon to match the car. It gave a really professional look to his car.  You could also use aluminium.

I had to remove the shell to allow The Vehicle Inspectorate examiners to view this number. They would not accept the number on the chassis plate that was issued to me by JBA.
New Sports an additional chassis number is stamped on  the outside of the nearside chassis just behind front wheel.

Radiator Shell

A handy place to hang your horn(s)  is on the radiator mounting brackets. They are protected from the weather, by the front tray and the number plate.

Fitting this is simple apart from drilling the stainless steel. I followed the instructions in the manual and fitted the side brackets supplied by JBA Then  then I fitted the support bracket and the plywood surround.


Important Note The chassis number is stamped to the chassis cross member on the Sports, that the radiator shell is bolted to,  by JBA.
New Sports an additional chassis number is stamped on  the outside of the nearside chassis just behind front wheel.

The chassis number on the Tourer is located on the engine cross member at the side of the sump.

Grill Bar Pack

I removed the radiator shell and fitted the grill bar pack that is the polished stainless steel that runs from top to bottom.

I drilled holes in the two metal bars, supplied in the pack, one inch apart from the central point and pop riveted the polished bars on.

Careful with your fingers the rear part of these bars are quite sharp.

JBA Badge

Then it was fitting the badge, firstly bend the badge to the shape of the radiator and then there are two ways to fit the badge.

My way cheap and cheerful, drill two holes in the badge at the side of the letters then place in to the position you want it on the radiator and mark the position of the holes and drill the shell then fit the badge with two self tapping screws.

 The professional way,  measure the depth of the badge on the J and on the A the thickest part of the badge, then start to drill from the back of the badge with a depth gauge on the drill so that you don't drill right through the badge, then use a thread tap to run a thread up the holes.

Then use a template copy of the holes to drill the shell and fit the screws from behind the shell. That way no screws are showing.

Remember that the badge is made of  brass, which is a very soft metal, don't be too heavy handed with the drill.   Hope I have got that right Derek.


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