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cor1.jpg (17793 bytes) This Cortina Ghia looked in pretty good shape and it seemed a sin to dismantle it. However that is why it was bought.

Work commenced on the strip down in the Spring of  93 starting with the electric's and then engine & ancillaries. I saved all the parts I needed and stored them in the garage. The shell was then taken away to the scrap yard.

The next stage was cleaning up the donor parts. 

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Some of the Ford chassis parts I had sand blasted. Above is the font axle assembly.

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Then I had them Powder Coated.
Above once again is the front axle assembly.


comp.jpg (23326 bytes) Various new components were purchased to add to the Ford front and rear chassis assemblies. All new Ball Joints, Brake Parts including Brake Pads Flexy Hoses Wheel Cylinders................


The Gearbox was pretty good and all it needed was a re-paint.

I did purchase a new  Clutch kit comprising of Clutch Plate, Pressure Plate and Thrust Bearing.

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meng2.jpg (25857 bytes)

Extensive work was carried out on the engine. Firstly I had the engine re-bored. The crankshaft re-ground and the engine was painted by my daughter Michelle.

I fitted New Bearings and Shells,  New Pistons and Piston Rings.  New Oil Pump, New Water Pump.

Also added were new Cambelt and Fanbelt.

I bought a new Radiator plus Top and Bottom Hoses.
New Heater Hoses were also ordered.

In fact everything that could be replaced was renewed.

All this work was completed before my kit arrived but I did not build up the engine completely until it was installed in the chassis as it was easier to move around this way.

The next page deals with the JBA chassis.

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Safe Driving All the Best Regards Robbie.

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