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The JBA Chassis

mchas.jpg (30115 bytes) I had the chassis Shot Blasted and Etched Primed by Teelux Ltd. Springkerse Industrial Estate, Stirling. The owner of this firm was chairman of the Scottish Kit Car Club at the time.   I borrowed a long trailer to take it there.

This is the photo of the chassis on it's return.  Next I painted it with black enamel followed by a few coats of Blue enamel.

My next job was to run the brake piping from front to back along the inside of the offside chassis rail. Also a single fuel line was piped along the nearside chassis rail.

The two photos below show the mounting arrangement of The Ford front axle assembly bolted to the JBA chassis with the hubs discs and calipers in place.
The Photo on the left is taken from the front and shows the steering rack coupled up. The photo on the right is a rear view of the same front axle.

mchas1.jpg (31309 bytes)

mchas2.jpg (23435 bytes)


mchas3.jpg (24890 bytes) This is the Rear Assembly showing the Springs fitted with the Spacers on top.

Also shown are the Dampers fitted to the chassis and the Diff. The Anti-Roll Bar is fitted at the bottom.

The rear brake pipes are also in place.


mchas4.jpg (23678 bytes) Showing the Engine in place and ready to be built up.

The rear of the gearbox is propped up at the moment until I fit the mounting bracket.


The gearbox mounting plate was fitted just after this photo was taken and work started rebuiding the engine up. mchas6.jpg (22141 bytes)


mchas8.jpg (25927 bytes) I had reconditioned the Cylinder head with new valves seats and springs. Then added the reconditioned twin choke Webber carb and a new petrol pump.

The distributor was reconditioned and new leads and plugs fitted.

I painted the exhaust manifold with high temperature paint and then fitted it.

Finally a reconditioned starter motor and alternator fitted.

On the Upright posts either side of the fan blades are the Four mounting brackets for the Radiator.


mchas7.jpg (27232 bytes)

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Safe Driving All the Best Regards Robbie.

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