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   The Central Body Unit (CBU).


Starting on The Central Body Unit (CBU)

Well after the engine was in place I fitted the new Radiator and now it was time to start on the CBU.


I visited a local scrap yard and removed the complete heater from a Mk. II Fiesta.

I made up a blanking plate and fitted two rubber bends bought from Tony Stafford.  The heater was fitted to the Central Body tub before the tub was placed on the chassis.  


At this stage I also fitted the handbrake lever. 


And the Sierra rubber sealing gasket for the brake handle aperture, using a specially made up frame.



The exhaust system was made up using various parts, including the front part of a new Sierra system, which has the benefit of picking up the existing support bracket underneath the gearbox.


The Rear Section.

I fitted the tank temporarily, mounting it on rubber, to gauge the positioning of the exhaust.


I bought a new K&N Sierra fuel injected engine air filter kit and modified the brackets to install it in the position shown in the photograph.  I hope the air flow meter works in this position!

Having spoken to some of the owners at Stoneleigh this year, I had heard that the new Sports fuel tank was prone to give problems when the fuel level was low as it drained away from the intake pipe.

So I had the tank modified to have a 2cm deep about10cm square sump welded in place with the outlet pipe coming directly out of the bottom of it and with a side extension available on which I mounted the fuel pump.  


I also fitted the sender at this stage.  I then fitted the tank to the chassis again.


I fitted the CBU according to the instructions in the manual, having glued on the chassis felt previously..  and fitted the scuttle support frame in place. I haven't smoothed out the seems in the CBU.
As I am doing a complete strip down, to paint the Falcon.

This photo shows the engine management control box sitting on top of the CBU.


It's final position will be here underneath the battery box. I have already fitted it's cradle.


It was found that the brake cable could not be attached to the brake without removing the transmission shaft so I've left that meantime.


My next job was to fit the brake servo unit and couple up the brake pipes to the brake balance valve situated on the chassis.   The braking system could then be completed with all of the piping fitted and the master cylinder and servo in place.

I fitted the pedal assembly after altering them to the specifications in the manual. 


The steering shaft was altered and fitted next. I renewed the nylon bush and alloy ring where it fits through the CBU.


I found that the steering shaft was fouling the alternator on this engine set up. 

After a quick phone call to Bernard Telford who had installed the same engine and he informed me that I would have to make up a plate to raise the alternator about 3cm higher. 


The bracket I made is shown in the photograph and uses a spare tapped hole on the engine adjacent to the original three tapped holes as one of the originals cannot be used.  


The EFI engine certainly fills up the engine bay.

One thing I did add from the Sierra was the radiator expansion bottle.


I had to reduce the seam on the rear of the CBU to fit the boot.

I fitted the new flush fitting fuel cap and the hose to the tank and as I felt that I might need access to the fuel level sender, 


I cut a hole above it and fitted a screwed plate over it.


The stainless steel plates and brackets for fitting the grill had not been sent with the kit but JBA kindly sent them on and I then assembled and fitted the grill.


It really did give me a buzz to see the Grill in place.


I still have a few things to do yet in the engine bay. Sorting out this engine management loom for a start. I laid out the entire wiring set-up from the Sierra and tried to understand it.  So far I have iso;ated the engine wiring and the rest can wait until later.  


Robbie visited me and brought his car, which was a great inspiration to me and we kept referring to it while I planned the next stage of the build.
We kept popping out to see how this and that was fitted. Just where does this engine bay dog leg bolt to.


Please Note

Just in case anyone thought that a TSR tank would fit a Sports, they are different.

This is the TSR tank in this photo, which is larger than the Sports and does not slope on the rear. 



Well that's it for this month. Look back in January to see what Doug has been up to. Wings, doors, and maybe the windscreen frame. Remember the wooden windscreen tip. Meant to take Doug up my wooden screen, it is 50mm lower than the new sports, but he has got on a lot further than I expected. 
I am looking forward to seeing him again. Robbie.


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