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Introduction to Robbie's Web Site.

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   Welcome To The Falcon's Nest



Hi! Welcome to my Web Site and hope you enjoy your trip through this wonderful JBA world. My name is Robbie and I live in Scotland, which is a beautiful part of the United Kingdom. My first encounter with a JBA was at The Wheels Exhibition at the SECC in Glasgow in 1992. One look was enough, I just had to have one.

I decided to start this Home Page because of my love for the JBA Falcon.

The purpose of this site is to show The JBA Falcon from the owners point of view and to give help and encouragement to new builders who have just bought their kit, or intending to buy a kit and to show prospective customers, that the JBA Falcon is a good investment and help is always at hand should they need it. Also for those of you who have bought a JBA second hand you will find help and information here.

I hope to make this a Top Information site on all matters relating to the JBA Falcon and all the models produced by JBA Engineering Ltd.
Owners past and present and JBA Owners Club members can send items of information, photos and stories, all will be welcomed. 

It is with the help of you all that this site has grown from 4 pages to 63 pages and from 6 photos to approximately 240 photos, since it's conception in June 1999, to August 2000 and it is still growing.

On this site you will find

  • Lots of pages relating to The JBA Falcon.

  • The JBA Falcon about the cars and a wee bit about the factory.

  • JBA Engineering Ltd. Factory Page. Message to all JBA owners.

  • Information JBA Factory Information & Quick Links to help you.

  • JBA Photos of other owners cars.

  • JBA Stories any stories  I can find about the cars.

  • JBA Owners Stories.

  • JBA Cars For Sale from Les Fragle the Secretary JBA Owners Club

  • The JBA Build about my build of our Sports SR.

  • The JBA Factory A direct link to JBA Engineering Ltd.
    Manufacturers and home of the beautiful JBA Falcon.

  • The JBA Javelin  Start of  the Javelin pages August 2000.

  • A wee bit about The JBA Owners Club.

  • Suppliers A list of all the suppliers I used.

  • Links to Car sites, Car Parts, Other JBA Owners pages, Magazines and Scottish links etc.

  • SVA Tips from JBA Engineering Ltd.

  • Scotland a wee bit about the country I love.

  • Work  where I work.

As you travel through these pages I may offer a shortcut.  These shortcuts usually take you to the JBA Factory site for specific information regarding the cars that I think may be of interest to you or take you to a particular supplier who has their own web site.

I am not connected to J.B.A. Engineering Ltd. in any way but I do Love their cars.  They make "exceedingly good cars" to coin a phrase.  Second to None.  Also I am not connected to any suppliers that I recommend.

I shall try to add various bits and pieces on a regular basis.

I am a member of The JBA Owners Club. Perhaps I may be able to post past articles from the club magazine. With their permission, of course.

Please note the JBA  Logos on this site are copyright. And are used with the kind permission of JBA Engineering Ltd.

 Copyright Robert Gibson 1999 to Year 2001.
JBA Logos Copyright JBA Engineering Ltd. Year 2001.
All other Logos Recognized as Copyright of their Respective Owners.







































falconsr2.gif (951 bytes)Safe Driving All the Best Regards Robbie. falconsl2.gif (949 bytes)

Use the Contents page to work your way round this site.  Use the Site Map for the Build Pages.



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