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Any Photos I can Find  I will show them here.


This beautiful Falcon Sports SR was at the Newark show. Painted two tone in Vauxhall colours. 

Jed used as many Sierra interior parts that he could. You can spot them in the photos below, centre consul  and gearbox tray, interior door handles and pulls.

A beautiful dashboard cut out to employ the original Sierra instrument panel.

JBA liked it too, so much so. that they would like to see it on their stand at Donnington.



This Is a nice photo of Dave Tennant's Falcon Plus Two.

Dave is the Scottish Representative for the JBA Owners Club. Sadly he is giving up the post in September.

His car was purchased ready built from it's previous owner and builder who lived in Inverkeithing or Rosyth. Dave received an email from him recently, he now lives in California and had seen a photo of the car on this site. Nice to know that we are seen abroad.


This is a photo of my Sports SR.

I am taking over from Dave as the Scottish Representative in September. In other words the Fall Guy.

This photo and the one above were both taken by Alex Sargent from Dunbar with a digital camera. 

They are far superior to my efforts with an ordinary camera.




This is the first photo of a Javelin on this page.

It is also the first Javelin built by JBA. The prototype and No1 as it is usually called.

The car was the JBA Factory demonstrator and was bought by Kim Hollings. Kim sold it on to Alex Sargent earlier this year 2000.


This New white Falcon Sports is Sierra based and belongs to Bob Reynolds.

Bob had owned an original Falcon which he sold and built this new Sports.

I think a photo of this car will appear on the cover of the next magazine.

Another easy SVA success.

This is not a very good photo of the dash as I am no David Bailey. Bob has used the original Sierra instruments fitted behind the wooden dash.

He cut the holes very carefully and has made a very good job.


This JBA Falcon Tourer Plus Two made it's debut at The Stafford show in March this year and was on the JBA stand.

The car is owned and built by Eric Watkins from Staffordshire.

The paintwork is a lovely two tone green.

This Falcon is Cortina based and passed the  SVA with flying colours.

A lot of work has went into Eric's car.

The engine bay has a lot of stainless steel items installed.

There is a stainless steel windscreen washer bottle and radiator expansion bottle.


les1.jpg (27543 bytes) Les Whiting's Falcon Tourer.

It's Sierra based and as can be seen has yet to be sprayed, it took Les about 10 months to get it ready for the road (He won't say it is 'finished' are they ever?) He found building it straight forward enough and enjoyable...but driving it is the best!.....

Les has used a mesh grill on his Falcon and uses his car every day all year round.

Les made his dashboard from a piece of marine plywood and covered it with one piece Walnut veneer.  A very nice job he has made of it.

Notice how he has managed to fit his Radio/Cassette player into the dash, considering the limited amount of space.


lesint.jpg (30948 bytes)

Although you can't see it in this photo, the JBA logo on the steering wheel is cleverly done.


Mike Cushley's Falcon Tourer

Mike is a perfectionist and the bonnet and door shut lines were impeccable as was his whole car.

mfv1.jpg (27904 bytes)

mingle3.jpg (25711 bytes)

Another photo of Mikes car taken at Ingliston Edinburgh


na3.jpg (29187 bytes)

This is a Tourer painted in totally different style.

A lot of work has went into this model.

The tourer was built by Nelson Atkinson.

na4.jpg (29438 bytes)

The car is painted two tone green by Nelson.

The colours represent it's country "The Emerald Isle".

This is a car I would like to see in the flesh.

The dashboard is beautiful too.



Below are two views of the JBA Factory Demonstrator

The JBA Falcon Sports SRi.

jbaf11.jpg (11702 bytes)

jbaf1.jpg (14640 bytes)

she.jpg (19257 bytes)

This Photo was taken a couple of years ago1997 I think

This Photo was taken 03/10/99 and is of the same car both Photos were taken at Open Days not a blemish.

Just to show that JBA's don't deteriorate

she2.jpg (20131 bytes)

To prove the point further another car

norman.jpg (15107 bytes) This is Norman Raw's Tourer and it has been around a long long time.  No it is not used occasionally. Norman uses it as his everyday car all year round. You just can't tell their age.

Norman is the big bloke on the right

I think this Photo of the maroon Tourer on the right.   Looks as if it had stepped straight from a classic car magazine.  The wire wheels certainly gives me this impression. km-04.jpg (15199 bytes)
km-01.jpg (16853 bytes)  

On the left and above are two photos.

Keith and June Morrish's  beautiful maroon Tourer.

This Photo on the right is of Phil Whittaker's Tourer.

Phil is usually in attendance at most factory open days.

You can easily spot it. His car wanted to be called Phil, but as it's a Falcon it's called Fil.

phil1.jpg (18220 bytes)
philin.jpg (18673 bytes) This is an excellent photo of Phil's car showing the standard that can be achieved in the interior department.
The Red Sports YOH 496T was built by Derek Bintcliffe and is photographed in Mount Vernon, Glasgow on a visit to Scotland.


yoh.jpg (23572 bytes)
db496t.jpg (26020 bytes) Derek has built a number of JBA's.
I remember taking photos of this car at the second open day I attended in 1993.


altour4.jpg (20136 bytes) These two photos are of Allan Briscoe's Tourer.

A car which has won many prizes at JBAOC events. 

Allan had a really innovative rear boot arrangement.  

This opened upwards and was operated by gas struts because of the weight of the spare wheel. 

I will maybe able to show you a photo of this later.

alan_tour.jpg (20299 bytes)


More Photos of Phil Whittaker's Falcon Tourer.   Click Here
Please Call Back Later for More Photos.

falconsr2.gif (951 bytes)Safe Driving All the Best Regards Robbie. falconsl2.gif (949 bytes)

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