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These photos are of John Donaldson's interior woodwork.

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Note how he has covered up the seatbelt upright posts with wood.

John says that he gets a bit sore on his elbow with the wooden armrests.

However John covers miles with his Tourer Holland and back.

The rear seat he arranged specially for his "child" called....... Sugar.......A beautiful chocolate Labrador with it's own special seat belt.

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Burman Parker has modified his windows in the photo above.

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Colin Moran has used a mesh grill instead of the Grill bars on his Plus 2.

swheel.jpg (19476 bytes) Another car with a Spare wheel mounted in the wing.

Also note the alterations to the Windscreen Frame and side flaps under the side windows.


This is Dick Scotts car.  The JBA Badge bar in evidence here.

Dick made use of my Top Tip and had his radiator etc polished by JBA.


I think he needs to visit "Specsavers" the ammount of Lamps he has, a bit like myself.

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falconsr2.gif (951 bytes)Safe Driving All the Best Regards Robbie. falconsl2.gif (949 bytes)

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