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Fitting The Radiator
Visiting Open Day Radiator Shell
Collecting your Kit Grill Bar Pack
Donor Car Click on the Titles in the Blue boxes to take you where you want to go. JBA Badge
Donor car parts Use The Contents Page for the Rest of The Pages on this site. Bonnet Support Brackets
Cleaning Donor Parts

sjss.jpg (3000 bytes)

Fitting the Bonnet Hinge
Preparing the chassis Fitting the Aluminium Top Bonnet Panels
Fitting the CBU Fitting the  Aluminium Louvre Side Panels
Brake Pipe Connections Spanner Sizes 8mm fits M5 bolt
Fitting the Aluminium Bottom Panels
The Heater The Boot
The Pedals

The Boot on Phil Whittaker's Tourer
Phil Whiitaker's Falcon TSR Boot

Front Wings
The Steering Rear Wings
The Hand Brake Wing Piping
Fitting the Doors Front Tray
Door Seal Rear Tray
Door Hinges

saltour4.jpg (2523 bytes)

Side Lamps
Antiburst Locks Head Lamps
Interior Handles Rear Stop & Tail Lamps
Exterior Handles Front & Rear Flashers
Fitting Windscreen Frame Rear Fog Lamps
External Mirrors

smmts.jpg (3303 bytes)

Side Repeater Lamps
Fitting Side Screen Frame Number Plate Holder & Lamps
Fitting Windscreen Glass Fitting Badge Bar
Side Screen Glass

Fitting Hood & Hood Frame
Wiper Motor Preparing a Dashboard
Wiper Arms & Blades Instruments & Swiches
Fitting the Plywood Surround S V A   Hints
S V A Test Stations

falconsr2.gif (951 bytes)Safe Driving All the Best Regards Robbie.falconsl2.gif (949 bytes)


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