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  G'Day Welcome To Australia.  

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Introducing Rick And Donna Virago from Perth, Western Australia.

G'Day from Australia.


Rick & Donna have just completed the build of their JBA Falcon Tourer.

The car was licensed on 15th. January 2001. 

The Body & chassis was supplied by Murray Fraser here in Perth. It arrived on 24 Dec 1999. I had the chassis set-up painted and suspension installed over my Christmas break (2 weeks)

The build was interrupted by two main problems. Firstly - I managed to split my leg open on the rear of the chassis, ending up with 20 stitches to my lower leg. This kept me off my feet for 6 weeks. Later on in the build I found relying on contractors to do their thing. i.e. Electrician was supposed to take one week which turned into six !!, likewise the upholstery was supposed to be two weeks and ended up being five.

 Aside from that the build was quite quick and smooth.  (I have previously built a Cobra replica ten years ago, and am a shipwright by trade)

The car uses TC and TD running gear. To those of you in the UK. These are  Cortina MK 3's 1970.

Although everything was stripped, blasted and powder coated. 
Brakes are brand new, as is the steering rack. The front springs are lowered (1.5") Cortina.


We have just had a hood made for the winter.

Also a Bikini Top for the Australian sunshine.


A bikini top is literally just a sun shade. It follows the windscreen line and the bottom of the radius of the hood bars. The sides and back are completely open.  Both tops are interchangeable and use the one set of hood bars. These bars are made from stainless steel.


One thing that I have noticed from photos from Australia. Including these ones and others that have appeared in The JBA Owners Club magazine is that there are no side windows on any of their cars



The windscreen surround was upholstered in dark blue, but I was not happy with this.

So I managed to get some stainless steel from work,  polished it and fitted to the sides of the frame. It now looks as it should, I believe.


The build quality is superb, as these photos show.

Look at the wood cappings on the doors and the seat belt uprights in chrome or stainless steel.  The wrap round rear bumpers seen in some of the photos. Robbie.

The seatbelt uprights are also polished stainless steel which is slipped over the stubs welded to the chassis. The whole structure is triangulated etc for strength.

Basically all metal work you see that is shiny is either stainless steel or polished aluminium ( I work as a designer for a shipyard so access to offcuts etc is good)

The complete interior is trimmed in leather. This includes the dash as I got bored with continually seeing the same old clear finished timber. The timber trim you do see on the doors and around the back of the central body unit, is good old West Australian Jarrah. 
This is a very hard timber that is difficult to work with but has a brilliant grain and colour. All the timber is finished in two pack polyurethane marine varnish. (see the shipwright part is coming out again !!) All the instruments are made by VDO and are the Classic Royale range. 
Rick completed the paintwork himself on a weeks annual leave mid Y2K.


The Engine fitted is a 3.8 litre V6 Holden (Buick) coupled to a five speed gearbox.

The engine is fully rebuilt as I did not want to risk unreliability. 

In this photo you may notice a brushed aluminium plate beside the wiper motor. This covers the battery box made from aluminium and recessed into the bodywork. This frees up some space in the engine compartment which is needed for a motor of this size. The impact on the passengers footwell is barely noticeable, particularly as the ECU, relays, fuses etc are housed right beside the battery box, so again it looks like it is supposed to be there.
Unfortunately the final drive ratio need to be sorted as I am using a few too many RPM at this stage. This is just a preference thing and certainly doing no harm. I will look at this soon.
Just for the fun of it the bonnet support (behind the radiator surround) is cut from 20mm solid aluminium, then routered to fit, and finally polished. (now that is fun - NOT) 
You may have noticed, the underside of the bonnet and sides is not painted. It has been completely lined in felt. (Donna's grand suggestion!!).

Rick & Donna plan to use the Falcon as an everyday car, but feel that this might change, as people keep staring at the car and rubbing their hands over it. As the car is painted in dark blue metalic Rick is forever cleaning it.

Welcome to the Joys of being a Falcon Owner. This happens to us all no matter which country we live in.

Rick is prepared to help anyone who is building a JBA. Whether it is to finish their car off, if they so desire. Or just to give that added bit of help, to boost the enthusiasm of the builder. You can contact Rick by E-Mail.

Look at the beautiful wiper motor, the bonnet support and the radiator surround. Really superb. I do like the felt lined bonnet interior as well. Robbie. They certainly produce beautiful Falcons in Australia.

Also did you know that Rick believes, that Murray Fraser runs build classes on Saturday mornings. However Rick was unaware of this and found that, in his case, they would have been unnecessary, having built a kit car before, he found that the JBA is quite straight forward to put together.

I am overjoyed at being given the opportunity to post this page on the site and extend the hand of friendship from Scotland to you all. I do receive emails from Australia and it is good to know that I can put builders in touch with one another in countries, apart from the UK. This will please Nigel Vincent in Perth, Western Australia., who is building at present. 



The JBA Agent in Australia is Murray Fraser at 
Fraser Auto Sports Tourers, 
12 Bowen Street, O'Connor, Western Australia 6163. 
Phone (08) 9314 7023.

 E-Mail:-  Rick & Donna

Photos Courtesy of Rick & Donna Virago from Perth, Western Australia.







































Safe Driving All the Best Regards Robbie.

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