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Latest News !!!! 

Last Update Sunday 17th. June 2001.

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Latest News!!!!

Firstly The Derbyshire Barbeque.

Lol Lennox  Would like to remind everyone of the JBA Owners Club Derbyshire Barbeque at the end of this month. Held this year on Saturday 30th. June 2001 at the Grouse and Claret Pub in sunny Rowsley, Derbyshire on the A6.
Please contact Lol on 07980 003 580 
Or you can E-Mail Lol.

JBA Scottish Region Run.

The Scottish region had their first outing this year to Mossat Water Gardens.
Check it out Here.


JBA Javelin
Some highlights about Alex Sargent's JBA Javelin refurbishment. Alex has kindly allowed me to reproduce photos from his website.
Check it out Here.


New Accessories Page 

The photos of the stainless steel accessories made by Bram from Holland, that were on this page have moved to their own page. Any owners who make items for the JBA can add their products.

You will find them Here.



Doug Philp

Doug has stripped his Falcon down. The body parts are away for painting, while Doug and Ann are off on three weeks holiday.

Next month Doug will resume his build pages.

JBA Sales 
Many people are buying used Falcons these days. Two prospective buyers emailed me recently. Ron Williams from Somerset saw a Falcon Sports at the Stafford show and ended up buying it. 

Ron Williams

His JBA Falcon Sports was built in 1998. It is Cortina based and is fitted with a 2 litre Pinto engine coupled to a 4 speed gearbox. The car is painted Volkswagen Mars Red.

Ron bought it from a JBA Owners Club member in Staffordshire. Ron has now joined the club. What does Ron think about his sports. "Its a real pleasure to own it and to drive. Every time I open my garage and see it, it makes me smile. Is this normal and will the symptoms disappear after a while ?"  I don't think so Ron, ask any other JBA owner.

Raymond Ashworth

Raymond from Edinburgh was looking for a Falcon Tourer. He used the facilities of this site and The JBA Owners Club to find one.

His car was bought from a member in Halifax. He has now fitted MG Midget seats (found on Les Fragle's JBA Cars Forsale Page) and doing up the interior to match. Another item replaced is Mountney steering wheel for a 15" Motolita wheel, but still retaining the Mountney boss.

New Links
A couple of new sites I found when browsing. Click on the Logos below.

Monthly On-Line Magazine for Classic Cars and Kit Cars. Has an excellent "How to Fix it" section dealing with Welding, Fibreglass, Upholstery and Spray Painting.
Mick Rushton's Home Page. Mick's site has links to the most interesting places. He has a Motoring section. What's more he is also a JBAOC member and owns a Plus 2. Thanks for the link Mick.

JBA Owners Club
A great new deal from the JBA Owners Club. Free membership this year, for first time members, until 31st. March 2002. Membership fees from then on, are 14 per annum to all members a saving of 2.00. So if you are buying a new kit or buying a second  hand JBA. Join now for free and enjoy the benefits and discounts from suppliers. 

Coming Next Month   More from Doug Philp.

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