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Fitting the Wings   Wing Piping   Wing Tread Strips


Fitting the Wings

Firstly I fitted the 15 inch wheels and tyres to the chassis before attempting to fit the wings. This was just my idea, as the measurements in the manual make sure you get it right.

These were fitted according to the manual. Strictly following the measurements supplied.

Kenny and I set up the front wings and  reduced the flange where it butts against the radiator shell 

Then drilled three holes in the rear of the wing where it joins onto the rear wing and bolted it loosely in place. Then we drilled a hole in the front wing through the bracket on the chassis at the front grill and rechecked the measurements.

Once this was achieved we drilled another two holes in the vertical flange of the front wings  through to the bracket at the front grill making three holes in all. Plus another seven holes along the bottom of the front wings making a total of  ten holes. There are longer bolts in the pack these are use to fit the wings underneath the doors on the wide part of the CBU.

Then we  cut out the lower aluminium side panels which are sketched onto a panel supplied by JBA which is placed inside of the engine compartment and drilled, fitting it to the wings with four bolts.

Finally fitting the front wing support plates, which we set high so that the wings would not come into contact with the tyres, in event of an emergency stop. I added apiece of rubber cut from an old inner tube to the top of the support where it meets the wing.

The rear wings came next. Firstly we had to file away part of the flange of the CBU so that the rear wings could fit  being careful that we did not open up the seam.

We then sized the wing up to the CBU and rear panel to check where to drill the nine holes and marked the wing and made the holes away from the car.

Next we sized up the rear wing again clamping it to the front wing and marked the CBU and end panel of the boot.  We removed the rear wing and drilled the nine holes through the body and rear panel and fitted the wing.

We then repeated this on the other side of the car. Only this time we lined up the front wing with a spirit level.

Firstly we checked that the car was level by placing the spirit level on the front chassis where the front tray sits.

Then Kenny held the wing in place and I used a straight piece of wood across the two wings with the spirit level on top and Kenny adjusted the height of the wing and I marked the position of the wing support plates.

Kenny drilled the support plates and fitted the front wing and rechecked with the spirit level. spot on.

Wing Piping

We left the wings slightly loose to do this job. 

First I fitted a Piping in between the join of the front and rear wings. I draped the piping along the front and rear wings on its flat and left it protruding past the radiator grill a wee bit ( in case of mistakes )

The piping has a tail on it and this we fed behind the wing until we felt it hit a bolt, then marked the piping with chalk as to where the bolt was.

We continued doing this all the way fom the Radiator grill to the bottom of the Rear wing.  Then removed the Piping and cut out bolt clearances as indicated by chalk marks. I did the drivers side first and marked this piping with a bit of red paint on the tail so that I new which side was which.


This Part here where it takes a Right angled turn at the boot we had to cut a big "U" section out of the tail.

Right up to the beading part in order for it to get round the corner, as the tail all bunches up preventing the wing fitting properly.

The Masking tape on the petrol cap is to prevent dust getting into the lock.

Fitting the Wing Tread Strips. 

I had to alter one measurement here from that stated in the manual.  That was a 10mm gap between the front and rear wing.  The rest of the measurements were strictly adhered to.

The reason for this is that I was adding wing tread end caps, which I got from Beauford cars.  End caps are available in different varieties from various suppliers.

These are the triangular bits that finish the strips off. I placed an end cap 10mm away from the rear wing joint and then fitted the wing tread strips according to the manual.

Then adding an end cap to the front end of the strips. Please note the Beauford end caps stick on, so that at this stage they were only used for measurement. They were finally stuck on, removing the backing paper, when the car was re assembled after painting. 

The reason for leaving a 10mm gap between front and rear wings is to let rainwater drain away.


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