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 Preparing the Chassis.


First of all I painted the chassis with three coats of red lead paint as I requested the chassis unpainted. followed by two coats of black enamel paint, The chassis is normally painted by JBA.  Remember to leave the chassis number visible to Vehicle Inspectorate examiners. The chassis number on the New Sports is on the near side chassis leg, just to the rear of the front wheel.

Then we started to fit the donor parts to the chassis, following the instructions in the build manual starting with the front axle assembly. remembering to insert the four Ford mounting bolts from the TOP.  Then fitted the Wishbone pivot bolt carriers. Check out spacing of washers in wishbone pivot carrier.

Plus the Cortina bottom ball joints ( now supplied in Kit)

The front dampers are fitted along with the front springs available from JBA. You will need spring clamps for compressing the springs to fit onto shocks. The Bolts you need for the front dampers are not metric.

This Photo above taken at Factory

Also note the front wing support bracket protruding from the upper spring location on photo on right.

I had to modify the engine mounts, Ford changed them in 1984, to those from  a later model.

We started to fit the rear subframe, using the Ford bolts and the shocks were fitted available from JBA. These shocks do not use springs, unlike the fronts.The bump stops from the Sierra donor were fitted along with the two rear suspension spacers.(supplied in the kit)

Then we fitted the old donor wheels so that we could move the chassis around. All this is quite straight forward.

Next we ran new fuel pipes to the n/s  inside of the chassis and then new brake piping along the offside of the chassis, drilling small holes and pop riveting pipe clips to the chassis, remember that these have to be fitted to the inside of the chassis. Not the outside or underneath. There is one exception to this rule and that is at the rear of the car where the brake pipe travels across the car from one side to the other but it is up high. As can be seen in  one of the photos above.

The reason for this is that all brake pipes must be visible to a MOT or VI examiner.

We fitted the brake balance unit on the offside just in front of where the CBU sits.

Above two Photos taken at Factory

Showing Servo and Brake balance valve and pipes

Note how the brake pipe crosses over the chassis member to the other side.   

Now it was time to fit the engine and gearbox less the starter and  alternator, which were added once the engine was fitted. 

The down pipe for the exhaust should be the short one. I think there are three sizes of downpipe that Ford's fit to the Sierra.

All the brake and fuel piping exhaust clamps and clips can be obtained from your local motor factor outlets.

The Gearbox mounting block was  fitted to the underside of the mounting plates on the chassis and drilled. Note this is just the centre part of the large Sierra plate that is used

Then the exhaust system was fitted. (Stainless Steel available from JBA) Finally the prop shaft which we bought from JBA

And a radiator straight port Cortina one, Not the "L" shaped one. The Sierra one is too wide but I was able to do an exchange with Marstons for a new cortina radiator. This saves you a fiver by handing in an old radiator.

Another view of the Chassis

Photo taken at factory
A view of the New Tourer Chassis showing
the JBA Tourer Petrol Tank fitted.

Always Mount petrol Tank on Rubber where it sits on chassis or underneath Tank straps. Otherwise the tank will eventually hole with the vibration of metal against metal.

We then drilled and fitted the seat belt diagonals painting the right hand side red (red for right) and the near side black I did this with all the brackets I made up. I found it helped when reassembling the car after painting.  Then I removed them prior to fitting the tub. Fine a  complete chassis and a sense of achievement.

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