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Fitting the Side Screens

This is a job that we done along with the windsceen frame. As you need a measurement from the windsceen frame in order to start this task.

On the other hand you need the sidescreens in place in order to get the angle and rake of the windscreen to marry up correctly.

There are 4 sections to each sidescreen.

1      The Front Leg fits on the front of the door.   This is handed and means One is for offside door and Other for nearside door.

2     The Rear Curved section fits on rear of the door.  These are handed as well.

3     The Centre Bar holds the glass.

4     The Fibreglass Trim Panel.   Again handed one for nearside and one for offside.

Other parts include 6 Stainless Steel brackets for securing the sections together. 36 Pop Rivets. Double Channel Insert 146 inches long on Sports ( Longer on Tourer) This is what the Glass sits and runs in. The Four Piece Glass Windows Set.(Not Supplied in Kit but available from JBA)

Special Note The measurements given are for the Sports that I built back in 1993 and are different for the Tourer.   Always check with your own Documentation supplied by JBA.

We started this job by temporarily fitting the Windsceen Frame held in place loosely with two ordinary bolts either side.

Front Leg.

First we fitted a Stainless Steel bracket to the Top of the Front Leg.. This is just fitted loosely at this stage. Next we lined up the Front Leg section to the door and set the front Top Corner 5/8ths of an inch below the  Top Stud Hole in the side of the Windscreen Frame.  We made sure the angle and rake of the windscreen was equal to the leg in order to get this measurement.  This is the measurement you need from the Windscreen Frame.

I held this in place  while Kenny drilled the two holes (for 8mm threaded countersunk bolts) in the bottom part  through the leg and through the steel strips bonded into the door by JBA. Note you need a drill slightly smaller than 8mm when you are tapping the holes to 8mm.

We removed the Front Leg and Kenny run an 8mm Tap into the holes drilled in the door. Then Countersúnk the holes on the Front Leg and fitted it to the door.

On closing the door we found that the raised edge was fouling the CBU slightly.   This was easily rectified by filing a little off the raised edge.


Rear Curved Section   

Note JBA give two measurements One for the High Windscreen Which I think refers to the SVA. Another for The Low Windscreen which is mine.

I held the rear section in place While Kenny measured the distance between the botttom of the door and the top of the rear section at a point 14 inches back from the front and on top of the join of the rear section and the front leg.

Once we had this measurement correct Kenny drew a line on the inside of the door where rear section ended and drilled the holes. Using the same procedure as the front leg tapping the holes for 8mm. Countersunk screws.

The two sections were then pop riveted together. Kenny spent quite a lot of time getting the joint correct with a nice tight fit.

The Centre Bar.

This is the part that holds the side screen glass. This was cut to size as it is supplied over length.

We set this at a distance of 10 and 1/4 quarter inches from the top of   the rear section frame and secured it with the stainless steel brackets and pop rivets supplied.
These brackets we fitted on the underside of the bar secured to the bottom sections of the Front Leg and Rear Section. ( Not upwards in the glass area ) So that they were concealed by the Trim Panel.

The GRP Trim Panel.

We fitted this using pop rivets spaced 4 inches apart but only held it in place at this stage with three rivets as it had to be painted and sealed later. Various builders have fibre glassed the trim panels to the doors.

Sealing the GRP Trim Panel.

This part was done after the car was painted.
I had painted these with undercoat and finally black with a spray can from "Halfords" and stuck on a piece of very thin rubber to the inside of them where it butts against the outside of the door and pop riveted them in place with a little black sealer between the underside of the aluminium channel and the panel.

With the door open there is a space in the rear of the panel which I sealed using a piece of wing tread strip fitted the wrong way round and glued into position with black sealer.

Fitting the Double Channel.

We cut strips off this to the required length and fitted them into the aluminium channel. However I made a mistake here. I fitted the channel into the front leg first right to the top and then the channel into the rear section. This seemed fine, but once the car was on the road and the front window open the channel would drop down slightly.

So make sure you fit the channet to the rear curved section first and that the channel in the front leg holds this up.

Fitting the Glass.

We had to open up the joint at the top of the front leg. and then slid the glass in. The rear glass goes in the inside channel and the front glass goes in the outside channel.

A lot of owners use small rectangular pieces of glass or plastic rounded off and smoothed and stuck to the inside of the windows with clear glue. To aid the opening and closing of these windows.

SVA Note   

The windows must be able to open and close easily from the inside of the car, so the glass pieces mentioned are acceptable to the V.I.

Once both doors were set up without the glass, we continued with the Windscreen frame adding the interior sections to the windscreen frame so that we could fit the complete seal.

This was checked against the side screens and the Front legs can be adjusted inwards or outwards, by bending slightly with the joint opened up and glass removed from side screens.  to create a tight seal.


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