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  JBA Directors Report Year 2000.

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Directors' Report 2000.

I have just finished reading last year's report and realised that I wrote it before the Exeter show in November. Well this year Exeter has been and gone and indeed Christmas has too -- is it because JBA has been so busy, or am I just getting older!

The first thing needing a mention is the quality of the Falcons going on the road. We have not seen so many quality builds hit the road in such a short period of time in all our years in the industry. The engineering standard. finish, trim, dashboard and in fact every aspect of each new Falcon we have seen on the road this year has been impressive which fills us with great pride. OK, JBA did not build the cars but we feel that we can claim some of the credit for their success.

JBA have continuously striven to improve the kit and other services provided by the factory. All the recent changes have culminated in a product which we feel sets the standard for the kit car market for our style of car.

JBA Factory Demonstrator

During 2000 the owners of some of these superb Falcons agreed to display them on our factory stands at most of the kit car shows. 

Many also attended the JBA Open Days at the factory in Standish.

They volunteered to discuss details and pass on their knowledge and expertise to others already building kits and to future potential customers. This provided a valuable source of help and inspiration to those needing information from someone who has been there, done that and bought the kit -- (by the way anyone also wanting the T shirt, please contact the owners' club!). This obviously was much appreciated by and beneficial to all concerned.

Unfortunately a problem has arisen with the willingness of the two kit car magazines to work together to promote the industry. There have been difficulties recently between them and we find it distressing that they are not supporting each other in promoting the ever increasing list of events. During a heated discussion with a representitive from one magazine, he stated that there was not room for two magazines in the kit car industry. Well JBA could counter this by saying that there is only room for one roadster -- as other manufacturers will say that there is only room for one Cobra, 7, etc. As far as JBA is concerned, we welcome competition as it can only lead to excellence. If the industry is to progress then the more manufacterers producing quality products the better, but good press coverage of these products and all events where they are displayed is vital. There is no room for in-house fighting in any industry.

JBA try to promote all kit car events, but this year we will be more selective in deciding which venues we will attend. We feel that all kit car shows should do justice to the industry but this was not the case last year. Of the established shows held in 2000, Newark was the most enjoyable and rewarding for JBA. Of the new shows, Malvern is the one to watch. The venue has excellent potential for everyone concerned. Generally we feel that the shows organised independently of the magazines like Detling, Newark and Exeter were the better shows in 2000. On the Website is an events calandar for 2001, which gives dates for the shows we plan to attend in 2001.

The introduction of JBA's Website 12 months ago was set up as a sales tool but after learning more about it and realising the implications of it, we now understand how it can be an interaction between the factory, the builder and potential customers. 

At the touch of a button we can contact anyone, anywhere in the world. Due to our increasing knowledge of and attitude towards the Website, we are at the moment having it completely redeveloped and by the time you read this, our new Website will be on line. We are excited about it so have a look, draw your own conclusions and please let us know your reactions to it.

Another pleasing aspect of our business is the ever increasing number of Falcons coming back to the factory for refurbishment. This can be as simple as replacing a hood or as complex as a complete rebuild including retrim, respray, rewiring, new engine etc.

This is fulfilling work, as we have been in the business for twenty years and whilst most production cars of that age are on the scrap heap, our older Falcon still live on.

The export side of the business is now starting to improve after a slow period towards the end of the 1990's.

When the high value of the pound had damaged the export trade of many British companies. Let us hope that this side of the business continues to improve.

We would like to offer our special thanks to Ian Bennett for all the work he has done in developing the Website

Also to the JBA Owners' Club and its representatives, who once again, have given us their whole-hearted support throughout the year.

By being in a position to provide a commercial service to that special breed of person who is willing to dedicate their skill and time to producing a thing of beauty and practicality, Ken and myself have been drawn into a cameraderie often lackng in some of today's other industries. 

Geoff Payne. M.B.E.
The contact made between JBA and its customers is maintained long after the sales contract has been completed. Even whilst writing this report we had a visit from Geoff Payne, who as many will remember was the person responsible for setting up the owners' club in the early 80's, and we also received a phone call from John Fowler from South Africa ( a customer of long standing ) wishing us all the best for Christmas and the New Year.

In the lottery of life JBA will never reach a multi-million pound turnover, but in terms of job satisfaction and friendships made over the years, we have drawn a good lot.

Thanks again for another great year.  

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Copyright JBA Engineering Ltd. Year 2000-2001.

Photos used are for illustration purposes only. JBA Engineering Ltd. would like to thank all the owners, whose cars were on show on the JBA Stand, at the shows and Open Days in the year 2000. Sadly I do not have complete photos of these cars, otherwise they would have been shown here in all their finest. Robbie.







































Safe Driving All the Best Regards Robbie.

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