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Frequently Asked Questions about The JBA .

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The JBA Falcon.


Q What is a JBA Falcon.
A The JBA Falcon is a Kit Car or Component Car. The car is a sports car and the style dates back to the 1930's. It is hand built from a kit of all new parts, supplied by JBA Engineering Ltd. Using parts from a Ford car, this is called a Donor car. The main parts of the JBA Kit consist of :- An immensely strong 4"x 2" chassis. A GRP Central Body Unit, Wings and Rear Boot. Aluminium Bonnet Panels and Stainless Steel Radiator Grill.


Q How many models are produced by JBA Engineering Ltd.
This year 2000.
A Four Models

These are

The JBA Sports SR.  ( Ford Sierra Based ) A two seater 12' 6" long.

The JBA Falcon TSR.  A tourer with either two or four seats.
( Ford Sierra Based ) 13' 9" long.

The JBA Sports. ( Ford Cortina Donor Based) A two seater 12' 6" long.

The JBA Tourer. A tourer with either two or four seats.
( Ford Cortina Donor Based) 13' 9" long.


Q What is the difference in looks between the Sierra and Cortina models.
A Very little. In fact to the casual eye it is hard to tell them apart externally.
The differences are to the chassis, to accept either Sierra or Cortina parts. The differences affect the CBU (Central Body Unit ) underneath the bonnet for the same reasons.


Q What is the difference between a Sports model and a Tourer
A The Sports is strictly a two seater 12' 6" long this includes both the Sierra and Cortina versions. The Tourer Cortina version including the TSR Sierra version are 13' 9" long and both can be either a large two seater version or a four seater version. The choice is up to the individual.


Q Why does JBA still continue with the Cortina version.
A As you know, some people become quite attached to their cars. Other people may have been youngsters and have fond memories of the Cortina their dad owned. Most cars fail the M.O.T. test, due to rust and not on the components, as these can be easily refurbished or replaced quite cheaply.
It is an excellent way of turning an old Cortina into a totally new car. A car of beauty and nostalga, but still retaining the fond memories associated with the Cortina as a youngster. 

Also the Ford Cortina was sold in Australia and New Zealand.


Q What Engines can be Used
A All the Ford engines, including fuel injection. The Rover V8. Fiat Twin Cam. All these engines have been fitted to date, just advise the factory and they will fit the correct engine mounts to the chassis for your chosen engine.


Q I only have a License to drive Automatics
A Yes. The Falcon can be fitted with an Automatic gearbox.


Q I live Abroad is the Falcon available in Left hand drive
A Yes. All models can be supplied in Left Hand Drive.      


Q The  JBA  has a hood, is it waterproof.
Yes.  Totally waterproof. JBA have done Test Drives with prospective customers in some atrocious weather. They are amazed that there are no water leaks.


Q The Car is 1930 style are there any storage spaces.
A Yes. Unlike most 30's style of kit car. All JBA models have a lockable boot as standard. Centre consuls and other storage compartments, including a glove box can be built into any JBA.


Q Can I Spread the Cost.
A Yes.  The Kit can be purchased in Three Stages.


Q Can JBA supply a Donor Package.
A Yes.  A donor package is a Cortina or Sierra stripped down by JBA.


Q Can any Ford Donor be used.
A No.  The only model that can't be used is the Sierra Estate. All other models are OK.


Q Can JBA  Supply  a ready made car.
A Yes. These are made to order and built to the standard that the customer specifies.


Q Does JBA supply second hand models.
A Yes. But only occasionally.


Q Are second hand models available elsewhere.
A Yes. The Secretary of The JBA Owners Club maintains a list of cars for sale.


Q What is  SVA.
A SVA is Singular Vehicle Approval and is a test carried out on kit cars and imported cars at Goods Vehicle Test Stations operated by the Department of Transport and called the Vehicle Inspectorate.


Q How does a JBA fare with an SVA test.
A All JBA Cars are fully compliant with the SVA.


Q Some Sports models are named SR and others SRi.
A SRi Denotes a Fuel injected engine, with a fuel management system fitted.


Q If I decide to buy a JBA is there any other help available.
A Yes.  The JBA Owners Club will give you all the help they can, through their members and local representatives. Also JBA can assist with queries and technical information.


Q Is Insurance Expensive.
A No. In fact it can be cheaper than normal insurance through specialist Insurance Brokers dealing in Kitcars.


Q How can I contact JBA
A You can contact JBA by post or phone at JBA Engineering Ltd., Unit 56B, Bradley Hall Trading Estate, Bradley Lane, Standish near Wigan, Greater Manchester. WN6 0XQ. Tel: 01257 424549. 

You can visit them by prior appointment. Access is from Junction 27 on the M6 motorway.

You can E-Mail them by Clicking Here. And by visiting their Web Site.

Photos LHD & Autobox Courtesy of Leo JBA Owners Club Holland.





































Safe Driving All the Best Regards Robbie.

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