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Hints & Tips.

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Hints & Tips.

Any hints and tips I can find to help you.  They come in random order as I remember them.  If you know of any Please E-Mail me.

Build Manual  When you order you kit buy the build manual and anything you are unsure of can be explained to you by JBA when you collect your kit.

Top Tip   If you are not sure about being able to polish the Radiator surround and Windscreen Frame.   Have It done By JBA. Ask when you order your kit. 
Details on JBA Information Page.

Save on Spare Parts 1. If the firm you work for has their own vehicle fleet and the fleet is maintained in your company's workshops Ask your mechanic to order your parts. He will get them cheaper than your company does. 

Here is how it works your company gets a discount on the goods they buy the more they buy the bigger the discount. The firm supplying them wants your firms business and they want to keep it. So they keep in with the mechanic, fleet engineer or stores person and allow him maximum discount on parts for his own use.

Save on Spare Parts 2. Join a Local Kit Car Club. They will know of many places in your area for the best prices.

Windscreen Glass

woodj.jpg (17800 bytes)

Windscreen Glass   Don't use your glass when fitting or lining up your windscreen.  As it is so easy to crack the glass.

Instead  have a wooden template made of your glass same thickness and same measurements.

Use this and it will save you a lot of worry and expense.

Interior Door Panels    A novel way to fit them instead of using screws.  Stick "Velcro" to the doors and also on the rear of the panels and marry them up. Really professional looking. Thanks to Bernard Telford.   

Plywood Bonnet Support Panel     You can cover up the wood with fibreglass, sand it down and paint it to match your car.  Gives a nice professional look to your car. Alternatively you can use aluminium.  A tip from Mike Cushley.

Pop Rivets   When using standard pop rivets on fibreglass place a washer behind the rivet. Helps to spread the load and gives a more secure fixing. There are also special pop rivets for fibreglass.  Tip from Tam Thomson our resident McComic sorry Mechanic.

Fuse & Glove Box    Where to fit your Fuse Box and have a larger Glove Box. If you fit your fuse box on the front of the bulkhead in the engine bay below the battery box. This gives you more room to have a larger glove box. Plus your fuse box is very easy to get to. A tip from Nelson Atkinson.

Glove Box What to use when making a glove box.  Try a Really Strong ice cream tub or a strong tupperware type of tub.  (The ones your good lady uses,  she won't miss one. Ha Ha!) Paint the outside of it and line the inside.
Secure to the rear of the Dashboard.  A tip I received from John Skillen.

Rubber Backing    Use rubber behind various bits on your car where metal meets fibreglass. Get an old inner tube from a commercial tyre depot such as National Tyres. ATS. Motorway Tyres. These inner tubes are still used on Plant machinery Fork Lifts, JCB's etc.

Tank Straps      Always fit rubber or plastic backing underneath Tank Straps or on the Petrol Tank where it sits or comes into contact with metal. You can see this if you look at lorry fuel tanks. Otherwise the tank will hole eventually through vibration.

Wiper Blades    Try the sweep of the wiper blades with the hood erected to make sure the blades do not hit the hood.   

Bonnet Curves     To get the Top Bonnet skins to follow the curve of the CBU.  Mike used a plastic file handle as a rolling pin exerting gentle pressure time and time again to get the bonnet curves to match.  A tip from Mike Cushley.

Wheels Mangel Key

Lost your key.    Make a replacement key. The key is in three parts.

mankey.gif (1945 bytes)

The Barrel is round and solid, it is one and a half inches long and 5/8ths.of an inch wide.
The Rod is round and is
4 and 3/4 inches long with one end shaped as a plain screwdriver.
A Nut 10 mm.

Drill a hole through the barrel. Then insert the rod and spot weld.

Weld a plain 10 mm Nut on the bottom. 
What to use for the Rod.........An old plain screwdriver.

Mangel Caps
Wire Baskets

Mangel Caps are avaiable at 7.95p.each inc. vat.
Wire Baskets at 34.00p.each inc.vat.

Raceways of Donnington  Museum Foyer,
Donnington Park RaceCicuit,
Castle Donnington nr. Derby DE74-2RP.
Tel:- 01332 812353. 
A tip I found and checked out by Stuart Kelly.

Can't Get Gears

This sometimes happens to people, who have laid up their cars during the winter and when Spring comes the car won't go into gear with the engine running.
Don't Panic! All that's happened is the clutch plate has rusted to the flywheel, usually because of dampness. The cure is to warm up the engine to normal temperature (with the garage doors open) and when warm, switch off the engine and push the car out into the street,
pick a very quiet time.
Next put your car into 1st.Gear and with the handbrake off, and keep the clutch pedal depressed, start your engine and your car will start to move, try accelerating and decelerating rapidly, in short bursts.
( as if you were using Kangaroo petrol ) and your clutch plate will free itself in a short distance. About 50 feet or so.
Remember take extreme care, regarding other road users, when doing this.  A Tip from Tam Thomson our resident McComic, sorry Tam, resident Mechanic.

SVA Tips

Vehicles must have a full tank of fuel for the test.

Arrive for the test early.  The examination will start before the allotted time if examiners become free, thus making more time available for delays, while you "rework" a possible failed item.

Take a selection of hand tools with you.  The inspectors do not carry out repairs, but may allow you to reposition a wire or pipe etc. A Tip from Dave Tennant.








































Safe Driving All the Best Regards Robbie.

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