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My JBA Story.

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My Own JBA Story

This page is is to introduce various stories, about anything to do with the JBA.  Whether about the build, anything funny or trips and excursions with the Falcon. Any stories will always be welcome from members, non-members owners and past owners of JBA's. 


 Tony and Garry


My first encounter with a JBA was at The Wheels Exhibition at the SECC in Glasgow in  August 1992.

The car was a Tourer and was owned by it's builder Dave Greenlaw a JBAOC member, who at that time lived in Newlands, Glasgow and then moved to Inverness. The car was sold and went to Germany in the early part of 2001.

I was so taken with the lines of the car that I could not keep away from the stand. It reminded me of the old MG TD of the 1950's, although my favourite is the MG TC. The style of the JBA sports and tourer actually dates back to the 1930's.

That week following my visit to the show I couldn't get that JBA out of my mind, as I was on holiday and taking my two grand kids to Blackpool I paid a visit to the JBA factory at Standish near Wigan.  Below is the Demonstrator Cortina based Sports that I  fell in love with.

My mind was made up then I just had to have one, the car simply takes me back to my youth. I even bought a Cortina donor car  that was an MOT failure.

Then when my son Kenny arrived back from holiday we took a trip down to Standish again to show him the cars, but they were away to some show.  Fortunately Jack Vincent turned up and gave Kenny a run in his car.

jvincent.jpg (19713 bytes)

This is Jack's car at one of the JBA open days. I am trying out my Lion Rampant mascot on Jack's radiator cap.

Kenny's impression was "far more exciting than a Capri" and he  was Capri daft.  However he wanted the Sierra model and we decided on that. 

I read everything I could about the JBA and started buying Kitcar magazines and joined the Scottish Kit Car Club where I met Dave Tennant with his lovely Falcon Plus Two.

I still had to build a garage before  I could start.

I also joined the JBA Owners Club and became good friends with Mike Cushley from Glasgow. He was building a Tourer at the time. A fabulous car the bonnet shut lines were impeccable, as was the whole car. His car was on the road four months ahead of mine and made its debut at the Scottish Kit Car Show in Edinburgh in April 1995.

I remember it well I was a passenger in his car and it was a cold day. After the show I insisted on traveling home with the hood down.    Mike was frozen but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

His car was on the JBA Factory stand a year later, I think it was and he sold it. He nearly broke my heart.

Our kit was purchased in May 1993 and completed at the end of June 1995, a joint venture between myself and my son Kenny. The donor car was a 1983 Ford Sierra 2.0 litre, which we purchased from a garage near Aberdeen, although it has a Glasgow registration.

biggar.jpg (18508 bytes)

My first run was a flight with the rest of the birds to the car show at Biggar in Scotland.  With the JBA Owners club.My  wife Janet really loves out in the Falcon and we have been on some beautiful runs in Scotland. 

One such run was organized  by Murray Stewart on behalf of the owners club and took us through some breathtaking scenery.

scotrun.jpg (12434 bytes)

We were joined on this run by Derek Bintcliffe, with his new car. On one of his many visits to Scotland,  It was on this run that I was able to take the photographs of his car that you see on this site.

ingle.jpg (16584 bytes)

Our car has represented the JBAOC on a couple of occasions.

Here I am with the Sports and Eric Thirkell with his Tourer on their stand  at the Scottish KitCar Show at Edinburgh.

Sadly this show has not been held for the past two years. It is a shame really, because it was a great place to renew old acquaintances and make new ones.

pk.jpg (22220 bytes)

However my proudest moment with the JBA.Was when Kenny said he wanted it as his wedding car. For him and his best man No.2 son Pete.

The JBA stole the show, nobody looked at the Rolls Royce's. Sorry BMW! 

wedcar1.jpg (21636 bytes)

Kenny and Sharon posed for this photo but she would have been able to get her train inside the Falcon    Who needs a Beauford, eat your heart out David Young.


I would never sell the JBA for a start, Janet and Kenny wouldn't let me.  I would like to build another kit car.

beauford3.jpg (6326 bytes)

The Beauford like the black one in their brochure, but Mrs.Moneypenny says no and Dave Ashley keeps pulling me away from David Young's Beauford stand.

I would like to build the New JBA Sports with all the modern equipment like the new sports cars electric windows etc. As I am no longer the rugged wee man that I used to be.

You can read about the JBA and the Beauford trip. A nice little story to get your teeth into. Click on the Sports here. ssport.gif (3270 bytes)








































Safe Driving All the Best Regards Robbie.

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