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New Link  South Wales Ford Capri Club 
JBA Javelin included in the members cars.
Listed in Motoring Links below.

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sdbfal1.gif (5022 bytes) A Link to "JBA Engineering Ltd". Manufactuers and Home of the beautiful Falcon.  Sorry Derek about the red splashes on your car.
jbaoclogo.jpg (1731 bytes) JBA Owners Club. Dedicated to JBA owners. With reps throughout the UK. Plus Holland and Australia. Impartial from the Factory. Hints and Tips. Quarterly Coloured  Magazine. Owners Club Shop. Advice on building only a phone call away. Subscription 16.00 per annum. Join when you order your kit as the discount you will receive from suppliers can cover your membership fees for a number of years. Also you can attend and join in any outings that the club arranges with your ordinary saloon and receive tips at the same time.
Latest News from The JBA Owners Club Scottish Region.
JBAOC LowlandsHolland The JBAOC Lowlands Region.  Latest News from Leo and the Netherlands. The JBAOC Holland Section. Find out about trip 2001.
More information to follow later.

New JBA Web Site. 

The Journal of the JBA Owners Club. 
Click on the Magazine.

PMH A JBA Falcon Tourer build. Paul reckons that his is the longest build time in the history of JBA.

I think I will agree.  However he had various other projects on the go.

Neil Barker Neil's Report of a Weekend at Le Mans, with a JBA. Once you have read his amusing story, he gives loads of details about various Ferry Crossings, Mileages, Accommodation etc. 
Old JBAOC The Old JBAOC site. Which has since been taken over.
First Javelin. 

Refurbishment of No.1 The Original JBA Javelin.
The JBA Factory Demonstator from 1985.


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Woolies For all your Trimming needs and trimming accessories. They attend most shows including Glamis see their Diary Dates. Also they supply aluminium trim. Plus bring your order to shows near you.
Anthony Stafford Vehicle Components  For all your Lighting needs, Lamps, Horns, Switches, Wiper systems, Heaters, Seat Belts and a lot more. The supplier used by most JBA builders.
Beauford Cars Beauford Cars Ltd. For a variety of components used on Ford based kit cars. Plus all the shiny bits Running Board strips and End Caps, Chrome flexy Lamp tubing, Fancy Lamps. Side & Tail Lamps etc. They do supply JBA owners and not far from JBA Factory.
Holden Vintage & Classic Specialist car parts. Period Accessories. Loads of electrical parts.
Speedy Spares Spares for a huge range of cars. Including Fords.
Europa  Europa Specialist Spares.  A one stop shop. For all Kit Cars & Motor Sports.
Greengauges Greengauges is an Instrument Manufacturer. For all your Dials Clocks and Instruments. Choose your colours from their website. Originally known as the famous Smiths Industries. 
Cobra Seats. A large range of special seats for kit cars, sports cars,  race cars, saloon cars and various other vehicles.
Image Wheels. Looking for wheels try here.  A range of wheels to suit all types of cars.
RPi.V8 Engines For all you JBA owners who want a V8. Reports and photos of V8 engines installed in various cars including kit cars. In abundance here. They ship all over the world, but are based in Norwich England.
YKC Engineering  Motor vehicle Manufacturers. They are also able to supply a variety of components and accessories suitable for various makes of Kit Cars. Will undertake work on all kit cars. Based in York.
backford.gif (2727 bytes) Backford Bloor & Co.  The Running Board Scheme. 
A Special Kind of Kit Car Insurance.
Car Insurance Specializing in Kit Car Insurance.


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The Kent Kit Car Club meets twice a month. The second Sunday at Smarden Bell and on the last Sunday at The White Horse Sandway nearLenham.  The members have a varied selection of Kit Cars including JBA.


Note New Web Address 
The South Wales Kit Car Club seems a very friendly club. They meet first Tuesday of every month at The Haywain Pub on the B4181 a five minute journey from  junction 35 on the M4. They have numerous events throughout the year and participate in raising funds for the  children in need.


The North East Kit Car Club. Another kit car club with a few JBA's in their midst. They meet the first Wednesday of every month at the Tynemouth Motor Club. Meeting starts at 8.15pm. They also hold an Open Day in July every year. 

SKCC The Scottish Kit Car Club.The club that holds the Scottish Kit Car scene together. Meetings last Monday of every month at the T/A Hall, Grangemouth. Host to a large range of different kit car manufacturers.
Kit Car Links. Com  A Completely New Site started May 2000. Lists all the Clubs. Plus a lot lot more. Manufacturers, Suppliers and Home Pages in the UK and some from Europe USA and Canada. A Great Site and growing all the time.
Duncan Hurst's Home Page. Very informative. Even if your not into the "Sevens" type of car. He even includes the photos of his visit to the Vehicle Inspectorate test station for the SVA.  He thought the men in the white coats were "coming to take him away ha ha !".   Only joking Duncan, those words come from a song in the sixties
DROC The Dax Rush Owners Club.  A new site in it's early stages. A lot of useful Links. Could be useful for V8 information once it gets running. Just started by Duncan above.
SSR The Sylva Sportscar Register another fine site with great links.


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Kitcar Net New updated Web site with graphics akin to the JBA Engineering site. Very good with all the latest news. Belongs to " Which Kit Magazine" and "KitCars". Great.
Kit Car Magazine. The Magazine Kitcar Enthusiasts read.
KIT CARS and Replicas Another Kit Car Site I found with a list of
Brittish Kit Car manufacturers and articles on various makes of cars including JBA 


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Kit Car On Line The Original Kit Car On Line Site by Daryl Erwin from Canada. Loads of help and information links etc. Also relates to UK sites and manufacturers. Lots of Owners Kit Car Pages from all over the world.
Web Ring Webring List of Kitcar Sites ... 124 sites and increasing all the time. A lot of UK sites here including many owners sites relating build details.

The Department of Transport Site about The SVA Test and any new Rules regarding Motoring matters.  Straight from the horses mouth.


Looking for A Kit Car. Information. Kit Car Clubs. Cars for sale. Kit Car Links. Other Sales and Wants.

Oil The Engine Oil Bible.  All you want to know about oil.
Ford Engines Dave Andrews Home Page. Loads of stuff on Ford Pinto Engines.


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The MG The enthusiasts club. With Links to the  other three clubs.  One is the MG Owners Club.
One is The Octagon Club  and the other is The MG Car Club. 
Rob Lightbody A Mini fanatic, who has now bought an MX5. I was a regular visitor to his site and still am,  reading about "The Queens", the great ocean liners built in Glasgow on the Clyde, where his dad worked. His story of Scotland. 

The fun and games he had pitching The Minis against Miata the MX5 club and a lot lot more.  Thanks for your help Rob.

McMiata  This is the site of Central Scotland's Mazda MX5 Club. I found it through Rob Lightbody's web pages. They seem to have a lot of fun with their cars.  A lot of interesting links as well. 
Petrolhead A New Site from David above. All about cars. Where to find what. 
Cars in Films and a lot more.
Piston Heads  A site devoted to Sports Cars. Up to date with all the latest news.
Including the new speed cameras.  
The Imp Club The Hillman Imp:  Rootes answer to the Mini, but it was great. Sorry Rob. I just had to put a link into the Imp Club. I owned one in the 60s I loved it, was great fun, had some troubles too, mind you. However  the sales declined and the Mini won the day. That's put the smile back on your face.

The South Wales 
Ford Capri Club.
The South Wales Ford Capri Club. was formed 1994, it is made up of a variety of like minded enthusiasts, who enjoy all aspects of Capri ownership, all Capri drivers and enthusiasts are welcome to join. We participate in shows (both local and across the country). 
We meet at the 'Barley Mow' public house, Graig Penllyne, near Cowbridge, every last Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm. 
You will  also find a JBA Javelin in their midst.


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Rampant Scotland. Everything you need to know about Scotland. Tartans etc. Links to nearly everywhere.  
Isle of Skye. Take a tour of Skye here. Links to all the Hotels, Guesthouses and other resources on Skye. There's no need to "speed bonny boat" either, they have built a bridge now.
Laphroiag Scotch Whisky from Island of Islay.   Visit their New Virtual Reality Site.
Word Smith Fife. This is a Web site  of a firm of  Web Designers in Fife, Scotland . Once you enter their site you can click on Clan McCrae and read the history and harrowing accounts of the Highland clearances.    Also click on Glamis Castle and follow your way through the state rooms. Look at photographs of The Queen Mother growing up there, from the age of four. Fascinating. You can also visit Scone Palace where Scottish Kings were crowned and find out the history, there are Hotels to visit and golfing holidays on this website.
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Hi ! Folks I always pop up to see a JBA Falcon, So why not pop down and see me.   Visit the Loch Ness Monster's Web Site. 


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John Finlay


John a Scotsman living in Blackpool. His site is full of information and help for anyone thinking of starting a web page and full of free stuff.
Whenever I am stuck I rub the magic keyboard and up pops John with the answer. John the Genie I call him. Of course there is a lot more on his site about Blackpool and other things.
John's web has received The Fylde Award.


Web Designers. They designed The JBA Factory Site. Great Graphics and Virtual Reality.









































falconsr2.gif (951 bytes)Safe Driving All the Best Regards Robbie. falconsl2.gif (949 bytes)

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