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Well a Scotsman went traveling over the border. Once again my first visit to the Newark show.  I only meant to spend one day there but stayed for the two days. The weather was brilliant, Saturday a nice cool breeze kept everybody comfortable.  Sunday it was really hot 35o and no breeze. 
There was a great club atmosphere at Newark, more so than Stoneleigh I think.

The JBA stand at Newark featuring Mike and Angie Syke's Yellow Tourer TSR. and the Sports SRi Factory demonstrator.

Manufacturers were a bit thin on the ground. JBA were there of course.

There were masses of trade and accessory stands and loads of autojumble.  Europa however, were conspicuous, by their absence.

Plenty of attractions to keep the kids happy and free from boredom.


The JBA Owners Club stand filled up on both days, with models ranging from the Original Falcon, the Roadster through to the latest models.

Each car different, in the way they are kitted out, as no two cars are the same.

However, there were two identical on the JBA Owners Club stand.
Impossible, no!
They were Pete and Ann Henstock's two lovely twin grandchildren, just about at walking stage. 
One was definitely a candidate for the bouncy castle.

It was nice to meet up again with the owners club members and have a chat and listen to reminiscences.

A very pleasant leisurely time indeed. 

Two members I met for the first time were Tec and Eurwen from Wales. Also Les Whiting and his son, who enjoyed his flight in the helicopter. 

Les got a good insurance deal from Adrian Flux an unlimited mileage policy and insured value of 10,000. I just can't remember how much it cost Les, but it was good.

Saturday night I spent in Newark with Dave and Ken from JBA and David and Jayne Young from Beauford. The JBA team stayed in the hotel to watch the England Germany match.

David, Jayne and myself, not being football supporters, decided to have a walk round Newark, visiting various ale houses on the way.

Jayne only had soft drinks, David and myself, well that's another story.

Ken and Dave met up with us later, overjoyed at the result of the match.

The next morning, there was a report circulating around the JBA Owners Club stand, about a drunken Scotsman, misbehaving in a hotel in Newark. He couldn't get into his room and kept shouting 
"can't get this key into the damned keyhole, ye ken". 
Next morning people were asking who was that "Ken" last night. There was only one Ken in the hotel and he came from Standish. Somehow, I can't believe this story about Ken, or the Scotsman. 

Come on now, has anyone ever heard of a Scotsman misbehaving, never mind being drunk into the bargain.

Oh! by the way, there was only one Scotsman staying in the hotel and he came from Dunfermline.

On the Sunday, I showed Dave and Ken my JBA Models page, which I had printed out. They advised me of corrections, such as the Original Falcon was called the Roadster as shown below. 

The model in the photo, although on the road in 1985, has been modified by it's owner, by fitting an opening boot.

This photo taken at Stoneleigh the car still appeared on the JBAOC stand at Newark.

I had my own way of distinguishing different models, but there are easier ways. 

Dave came up to the JBA Owners Club Stand and took me round the different models, pointing out the quick way to recognize them, so simple, once you know how.

Well I guess that's about it. Thanks to you all for a great weekend. Hope to see you later in the year. Which reminds me, I signed up for the Holland trip, must see my financial advisor Mrs. Moneypenny and get her to post off a cheque to Ron. Thanks once again.                     

Latest update from  Les Whiting.  The cost of his insurance was 137.00 for him and his wife. Unlimited mileage  Fully Comprehensive with a 100.00 excess. 
Thanks Les.                                       


Previous Report Stoneleigh 2000. Check it out Here



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