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Where  to View a JBA Falcon.

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How can I view a JBA Falcon.
  1. You can contact JBA Engineering Ltd. by phone on 01257 424549 or by E-mail  and arrange a test drive.  This service is available throughout the year by prior appointment only.
  2. Visit one of the factory Open Days at Standish, Wigan.   Dates for next year due early spring. There you will see many owners cars on display.
    You can also have Test Drive in the Factory Demonstrator.

  3. Attend one of the many Kit Car shows held all over the UK throughout the year. You are sure to find one near you. Dates early next year.
  4. JBA Owners Club connect to the JBAOC logo on the Links page click on Committee and this will display the phone numbers of reps throughout the UK. Phone the rep in your area and he will be only too willing to help you.
    For Scottish Reps Click on Links below and E-Mail them

    Try to find a local Kit Car club in your area. A local club is host to a lot of different Kit Car Manufacturers and there maybe a JBA in their club. They will have access to local suppliers, for bits and pieces,  that we are unaware of in the JBAOC.   Also a lot of Kit Cars use Ford components.

    Visiting on an Open Day

    Have a look at all the owners cars. See the way each car is different.
    Interior Trim,  Dashboard Layout,  Side Windows,  Lamp Mountings,
    Paint Jobs etc.

    Talk to the owners we are only to pleased to help.
    Take a lot of Photos not just of the beautiful cars and their interiors.

    But underneath the bonnet of the brake servo, radiator,  steering coupling, brake balance valve,  how the engine is set up, the cut outs in the bonnet tops and side louvers, Also underneath the rear wings see how the flanges are trimmed.

    How the windscreen frame is cut on the front to follow the scuttle and on the side to follow the angle of the door.

    Door hinges and any owners modifications to the doors, side windows etc. that you admire. Photos of the boots in their open position, different light fitments and the head lamps from front and side especially the all chrome ones as they are placed further forward.

    Take photos inside the factory JBA sometimes have cars in various stages of construction. Some of the chassis photos on this site were taken this way.

    Ask owners help and JBA staff for advice on what pictures to take.

    When you visit a JBA Open Day for the first time you will spend your time taking photos of the beautiful owners cars outside. I don't blame you we have all done the same.

    Once you start building you wished you had taken photos of these models under construction.

    I Have Bought a Second Hand JBA.

    So you have purchased a JBA Falcon. Congratulations! A lot of people take this option. for many reasons.
    Simply because they admire the beautiful lines of the car.

    They are maybe to busy to allocate the time needed to build one. My first tip here is to join the JBA Owners Club where you will meet like minded people, who will impart a great amount of information to you. As well as giving you hints and tips about your car.

    You probably were not given the build manual with the car, especially if you bought it from a garage. Want to find out more about your car. Then E-mail me with the Chassis number: Registration number and present colour of your car and I will try and find it's history.  These details will be in your Registration Document from the DVLC.

    What do I do Next?  I Have Ordered my Kit from JBA

    Join The JBA Owners Club which costs 16 per annum. This will enable you to get discount from a number of  Suppliers including JBA.

     You can then meet owners in your area and take photos of various parts of their car.

    One of our Scottish members Dick Scott  from Inverness, met the owners on an outing and took photos to help him with his build, as there were no owners near him at that time.

    Where can I find all the parts that I need? 
    On The Suppliers Page.  Just click on the Link below.


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Safe Driving All the Best Regards Robbie.

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