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Alex's JBA Javelin Refurbishment.
















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   Alex Sargent's 
 JBA Javelin Restoration

Photo courtesy of Dave Tennant.

Alex's Javelin fondly known as No1. Shown here on the JBA stand at a show when it was the JBA factory demonstrator.

Dave Tennant took this photo, whilst visiting the venue in Leeds.

Alex bought the Javelin in the middle of 2000.  
Read his own account of his  restoration project.

I used the Javelin until the end of the season, but now it was time to strip the car down for a complete refurbishment.

The first job was to remove the Ford 2 litre engine. then all the ancillaries.


The Engine bay was in a bad way with rust and needed hours of restoration work and welding to return it to pristine condition.


Once all the repairs had been done to the inner wings, It was time to protect all my work.

Firstly the engine bay is treated to a coat of zinc primer. Then a coat of standard primer. 


Finally adding a colour coat. 

Plus a coat of lacquer to help protect the base colour and help it stand out.


The next stage in the re-build was to totally strip out the interior and all the roof head lining, roof vinyl and front screen. 

The passengers door was removed and scrapped as the rot at the bottom of it was too far gone for repair.


The boot lid was also marked out for the rear spoiler and temporarily fitted to check alignment.

The next stage of the rebuild involved the fitting of a V8 engine and gearbox from a Rover SD1
It is a tight fit. I will have to use a different radiator and relocate it further forward in the bay.
Then I will have to manufacture engine mounts, a gearbox cross-member and a prop shaft to suit the gearbox.

The rear diff I will use, will be a 3.09 LSD from a 2.8 CAPRI .


I made up engine mounting brackets and fitted a radiator from a Montego turbo diesel, which I later changed to a Ford Sierra radiator from a 1.8 turbo diesel, due to it's larger capacity. Now the engine is finally in place. 

The 3.09 LSD diff is fitted along with the prop shaft. The front part being Rover and the rear part Ford.



The new door is fitted.

I have started to rub down the body before restoring it to it's original colour Honda metallic blue.


Here I have applied the first primer coat and then rubbed down the Javelin with wet and dry paper to check for any blemishes.  

Another coat of primer is sprayed and the procedure repeated.


The car was washed and dried.

I tac ragged the car before applying the base coat.  Honda metallic blue.

The last coat is the laquer, which adds a shine to the base coat.

Finally the car is brought home to continue with the rebuild.


After this the next stage will be to manufacture exhaust systems, re-build the engine bay wiring loom and begin putting the rest of the car back together. Fit the cooling and fuel systems so that the engine can be test run.

I am almost there, but still have lots of minor things to do though. 

The exhaust headers have been a nightmare. 

Trying to find the head light bowls for the original lights so far have eluded me. I have opted for the alternative of twin round ones from the Capri . 

Another problem still to over come is the clutch, trying to sort out the mechanism to operate it as space is very limited. 

The clutch mechanism I found that would suit is from a Volvo 740.

However I did have to design and make up the brackets. The clutch works off it's own original cable.


On the road again No.1 arrives at the M.O.T. station. Will she pass?

After all that work she should.


The Javelin is virtually complete with some minor items still to be completed. These don't affect the M.O.T. or prevent the car from being used on the road.

No problems here. 
The Javelin No.1 Passed with flying colours.


The Javelin is now taxed and is ready for some short test runs, to sort out any teething problems. Now I can attend to the little jobs that were not required for the M.O.T.

First the Hood

With such variable weather here in Scotland the hood section was a priority.

I was more than pleased, by the way the hood turned out.

An excellent job David Thanks very much.

The price was very reasonable too.


Details of Alex's Work & Suppliers.

Exhaust Manifold Flanges purchased from Lolocost Kit Car Spares.

Remote Oil Filter Kit purchased from Merlin Motor Sport.

Rear Hood made by David 
DSC. Covers. Unit D, Gilmerton Estate, East Fortune, Lothian. 
Tel:- 01620-880-652

Exhaust Headers own make & design. Welded by Mitsui Babcock.

Engine Mounts own make & design, cross between Rover & Ford. Welded by Mitsui Babcock.

Rear Axle Cross Frame location kit own make & design. 

Lower Front Anti-Roll Bar Mounts 1" lower own make & design.

O/S Targa Top lock/unlock mechanism own set up to work similar to N/S.

Radiator Electric Cooling Fans from Ford Sierra 1.8 turbo diesel. Mounting brackets own make.

Recaro Front Seats from a Vauxhall Vectra SRi.

All Welding repairs, Bodywork, Mechanical and Wiring all done by myself.


Check out Alex's own website Here.

Javelin Part 1   Javelin Part 2   Javelin Part 3

 My thanks to Alex Sargent for his photographs and help, in compiling this page.
Also to Dave Tennant for finding the photograph at the top, after all these years.  







































Safe Driving All the Best Regards Robbie.

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